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  If India becomes a superpower like China, will it be criticized by the West?




  Praveen Singh, A proud Indian living outside but heart where it should be!

  Being a Proud Indian and staying in Taiwan, which also do not like China, I would still say, China is not that bad as it is projected by the West.

  I meet many westerners and Chinese people from mainland too and can tell you that Still most of the westerners look India down whereas Chinese still share some kind of “Asian” bond with Indians, thanks to the same close family structure , being ruled and used by others etc.

  Though there are border issues and other problems which are much complex for me to comment, but I think Asia should stop fighting among each other, if done, Asia is the next power. West knows it and that’s the reason they keep playing with sometimes backing India, Pakistan, Since China is threatening their super-power status, they are with India as they know India is capable of countering Chinese supremacy in the region.

  In India we love Chinese food and many Chinese love our Indian curries, We love Jacky Chan and here most of Chinese youth knows about 3 Idiots.

  China is just superb in sports, technology , they have good IQ, Hope they just have a better relation with their neighbors and create harmony in Asia.

  I would love to see India and China ruling the world.

  It is the rising of Asia! Jai Hind!








  T.A. Aadithya, lives in Rome, Italy

  India is already being criticized by the west, isn"t it??! We have a sexual violence problem that is rampant, yes but so does other countries, especially the west. I'm not diverting the problem. But the west seems to focus on indias rape problems rather than at home!! Isn't that hypocrisy??! A rape is a global plague that is threatening humanity, so shouldn't the world unite to stop it or at least minimise it, but no the west plays spoilsport. You can find several articles by the BBC which highlights India's rape culture. Because of a hundred of deranged rapists, millions of Indian men are being stereotyped as rapists, oh and did I mention that all these men are potential law Abiding people who respect women and care for their empowerment, but no BBC brands hindu culture a “rape culture”. By the way , they have forgot that we have 1.3 billion people and counting and crimes do go up when it comes to a huge population which is much larger than Europe combined.

  Our space program frequently launches record satellites and probes to moon and Mars, but the program is being questioned by the west. Why is India spending when millions of its people are poor. Well did they know that the go nment spends 50 times the space budget on these people. India's health care system by the way gets 15 times the space budgets amount every year. But no we are diverting our attention , we must solve poverty first and then spend on military and economy.

  印度已经被西方批判了,不是吗?我们有猖獗的性暴丽问题,是的,但其他国家也是如此,尤其是西方国家。我并不是转移话题。但是西方似乎更关注印度的强奸问题,而不是自己国内!那不虚伪吗? ? !强奸是威胁人类的全球性灾难,所以世界难道不应该联合起来阻止这种罪行,或者至少将其降至最低吗?你可以在英国广播公司(BBC)找到好多强调印度强奸文化的文章。因为一百个精神错乱的强奸犯,数以百万计的印度男人都被定型为强奸犯,哦,我有没有提到过,这些男人都是潜在的守法的人,他们尊重女性,关心她们的权利,但没用,BBC就是简单粗暴地将印度文化定义为“强奸文化”。顺便说一下,他们忘记了我们有13亿人口,我们庞大的人口比欧洲众国加起来还要多,所以犯罪人数也确实比他们多。


  And it is not just India, China unveiled a magnificent high-speed system between Beijing and Shanghai back in 2011. China's high speed system has reached 22000 KMS in length, their airports put the rest of the world to shame, they have the world's largest highway system, the longest tunnels and the longest viaducts in the world. And yet an underdeveloped Chinese village is shown in BBC which by the way seems quite decent with a village road connected to an 8 lane expressway. End of rant.

  The above points are not to berate or criticize the west but to let them know that humanity is the same , irrespective of race or ethnicity. Every nation has problems, India is probably one of the flawed nations on earth. It's messy on one side, but it is downright beautiful. As chaotic as it is, it works, hundreds of minorities and thousands of divisions and sub ethiniticities and India has still managed to hold together, can any other country claim as much. We have problems , but the millions of Indians look forward to solve them,they are making records. Same with the Chinese. Stop criticising and let us prosper. All your criticisms is not going to stop the two nations for whether you like it or not, they are going to resume their places before the pre industrial times as the world's largest economies.


  我说这几点不是要痛斥或批评西方,而是要让他们知道,人类都是一样的,不分种族或民族。每个国家都有各自的问题,印度可能是地球上有瑕疵的众多国家之一。它确实有凌乱不堪的一面,但它也绝对是美丽的。尽管如此混乱,但它确实发挥了作用,印度数以百计的 、成千上万的分裂和亚民族城市,印度仍然能够团结在一起,其他哪个国家能做到这一点吗?我们有问题,但数百万印度人期待着解决这些问题,他们正在创造记录。中国人也一样。别再批判别人,让我们共同繁荣吧。你们的所有批判都不会阻止这两个国家,因为不管你喜不喜欢,它们都会重归工业时代之前的地位,成为世界上最大的经济体。



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